This medical centre is operating at reduced staffing levels due to COVID-19. We are receiving many phone calls and opening hours may change (check our website for the latest). Please treat our staff and healthcare practitioners with respect during this difficult time.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are seeking medical advice, please book a telehealth appointment. You may receive a call from a private number for your telehealth appointment. Please do not attend the medical centre.

This medical centre does not provide COVID-19 testing or Medical Clearance Certificates.
Please visit for information on self-isolation rules, de-isolation, public health orders or testing.

If you, or one of your employees, got hurt on the job, early treatment and active management is a key part of a quick and safe return to the work place. At our centre, experienced Occupational Health doctors and physiotherapists take care of both simple and complex cases, offering medical advice, assessment and treatment when needed.
Many of our centres offer access to a broad range of facilities under the one roof which aids in the efficient and effective assessment and treatment of injuries:

  • A multi-bed treatment room for triaging injuries
  • Diagnostic imaging services if further investigation is required
  • Physiotherapy for early treatment of injuries

Preparing to return to work is not always a straightforward process and sometimes more specific assessments and review is required.

What kind of assessments are available?

The Occupational Health team at our centre works closely with a number of experts to provide a range of assessments which may include:

  • Injury Management Consultant – this is a comprehensive assessment of a worker to obtain detailed information about their injury and to determine their functional ability. This can be a single assessment or can be combined with other assessments such as Suitable Duties.
  • Independent Medical Examinations – this is an independent medical assessment required when the existing information is not sufficient. At the end of the examination, a detailed report is provided identifying the cause of injury and ongoing medical needs of the injured party.
  • Suitable Duties – this assessment determines the specific tasks an injured worker is capable of performing (without risk) when they return to work.
  • Fitness for Duty – this assessment determines whether an injured worker can perform their normal work tasks (pre-injury), regardless of how or where the injury occurred.
  • Medico-Legal – this assessment evaluates an injured worker’s ability to safely perform their normal duties. This type of assessment involves evidence-based reporting, detailing the impact of the injury and is used in potential compensation claims.
  • Permanent Impairment – this assessment concludes the level of anatomical and functional loss a worker has experienced due to a workplace injury. This information is often used to quantify the financial payments that may be relevant in a claim.

If you are an employee who got hurt on the job and have any questions about injury management, or you are an employer looking for advice, call us today. Ask for the Occupational Health administrator who will be happy to assist with enquiries or bookings.